• Very compact package
  • High conversion efficiency
  • 400 mW peak power
  • 532 nm wavelength
  • 250 mW average power


  • Miniaturization of host device
  • Low power consumption = Long battery life

The Atto-250 laser is optimized for various applications requiring up to 250mW average power with high efficiency  Providing high power from a miniature package enables a reduced size of the system within which it is embedded.  The high wall-plug efficiency reduces drive power consumption so as to obtain extended battery life in mobile applications.  It also reduces the waste heat generated, so that the projector can operate cooler and/or a smaller heat sink can be used.  The laser package is also highly rugged and robust.  Two versions of the package are available, with an overall length of 8.7 mm (Atto-K) or 12.4 mm (Atto).

Key Specs



Average Output Power

250 mW


532 nm

Beam Quality (M2)

2.5 typ


> 100:1,  Linear

Nominal Operation

450 Hz, 80% Duty Cycle

Wall-plug Efficiency


Case Operating Temperature

-30 to 50 C

Package Volume

0.23 or 0.33 cm3

Link to PDF Detailed Spec document

Specifications subject to change without notice.
Please inquire about custom versions required for your application.


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