• Very compact package
  • High conversion efficiency
  • High pulse frequency (up to 32 kHz)
  • 532 nm Wavelength
  • 40 mW average power


  • Miniaturization of host device
  • Low power consumption = Long battery life
  • Compatible with prior lasers

The ATTO-40 laser is optimized for use in applications that typically require a CW laser, such as the illumination source in instrumentation systems for biomedical or analytical applications.  These include cell counting/sorting, scanners, microarray readers and microscopy.  By operating the laser at a high pulse frequency, an illumination effect equivalent to a CW laser is obtained.

Key Specs



Average Output Power

40 mW


532 nm

Beam Quality (M2)

1.2 typ


> 100:1,  Linear

Nominal Operation

1600 Hz, 30% Duty Cycle

Wall-plug Efficiency


Case Operating Temperature

10 to 50˚C

Package Volume

0.23 or 0.33 cm3

Link to PDF Detailed Spec document

Specifications subject to change without notice.
Please inquire about custom versions required for your application.

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