• 40 mW CW output power
  • Very compact package
  • High conversion efficiency
  • Low Intensity Noise
  • Excellent Beam Quality
  • 532 nm Stable Wavelength


  • Miniaturization of host devic
  • Low power consumption = Long battery life
  • Affordable price-point
  • Compatible with prior lasers

The ATTO-40 CW laser is optimized for use in applications that require a pure CW (continuous-wave) low-noise laser with a good quality, round output laser beam, such as the illumination source in instrumentation systems for biomedical or analytical applications. These include cell counting/sorting, scanners, microarray readers and microscopy. This laser is also highly suited for industrial alignment, process control and aerospace/defense uses. Initially this CW version is available with a nominal output power of 40 mW. As for the other versions of the ATTO laser, the power conversion efficiency is excellent. Coupling that with the highly compact affordable ATTO package makes this laser very well suited as the illumination source for portable instruments and Point-of-Care usage. In addition this laser has low intensity noise (typ 0.5% rms) and an excellent beam quality, as required for demanding instrumentation applications. This CW version is available presently just in the original ATTO package, with an overall length of 12.4 mm (Atto), which includes a monitor photodiode.

Key Specs



Average Output Power

40 mW


532 nm

Intensity Noise (RMS)

< 0.7%  [10 Hz to 2 MHz]

Beam Quality (M2)

1.2 typ


> 100:1,  Linear

Standard Operation


Wall-plug Efficiency

5% typ

Case Operating Temperature

10 to 50˚C

Package Volume

0.33 cm3

Link to PDF Detailed Spec document

Specifications subject to change without notice.
Please inquire about custom versions required for your application.

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