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Spectralus participates in First Laser Display Conference (Pacifico Yokohama)

April, 2012 Yokohama, Japan

Dr. Stepan Essaian Spectralus CEO and President presented invited talk State of the Art of Compact Green Lasers for Mobile Projectors during the First Laser Display Conference. He reported on progress in development of the low-cost, highly efficient miniature diode-pumped solid-state (DPSS) green laser sources for pico-projectors and other consumer electronics applications with wavelength 532nm. Two DPSS green laser designs with discrete and monolithic architectures have been reviewed.

During the conference Dr. Essaian announced new higher power version of Spectralus Atto laser. Its average output power exceeds 200mW with duty cycle 50%. Spectralus is pleased to announce that we broke 200mW output power threshold with our miniature and highly efficient green Atto laser. The output peak power is 400mW the highest available in the miniature lasers in this class. It enables our customer to achieve brightness of over 50 lm in a very compact pico-projector engine design. We are planning to make engineering samples immediately available to our customers, said Dr. Essaian

Spectralus together with the long-time partner Satori Electric Co. Exhibited broad range of Atto lasers during Laser Expo 2012 co-located with Laser Display Conference. 

Spectralus Exhibits at Photonics West 2012

January, 2012 San Francisco, CA

Spectralus Corporation, a leader in high-efficiency green laser technology, announced during Photonics West 2012 release of the new, higher power version of its miniature green Atto laser. The model Atto-180-120-50 operates with 180mW average output at 120Hz and 50% duty cycle (the output peak power is 360mW). Spectralus has been shipping pre-production lasers of this model to the customers since fall of 2011.

In the technical LASE Symposium of Photonics West, (joint Session on Visible and UV lasers) Dr. John Khaydarov presented paper titled "Microchip green laser sources: broad range of possibilities'. The paper outlined Spectralus product line from the low noise laser with 30-40mW cw output to high power models with up to 200mW average output. 

CW ATTO Laser Introduced

20 July, 2011 Santa Clara, CA

Spectralus is pleased to introduce a new CW (continuous-wave) ATTO laser version to complement the existing pulsed versions (targeted at projection applications). This new CW-operation laser is optimized for applications that need a stable, low-noise beam, such as for biomedical and analytical instrumentation, industrial alignment, process control and aerospace/defense. Initially the CW version is available with a nominal output power of 40 mW, and is very well-suited for bioinstrument usage including cell counting/sorting, scanners, microarray readers and microscopy. As for the other versions of the ATTO laser, the power conversion efficiency is excellent. Coupling that with the highly compact affordable ATTO package makes this laser very well suited as the illumination source for portable instruments and Point-of-Care usage. In addition this laser has low intensity noise (typ 0.5% rms) and an excellent beam quality, as required for demanding instrumentation applications. More information on this new CW version is available on this web-site, or contact Spectralus directly for more detailed information.  

Spectralus-Enabled Picoprojector Released

6 March, 2011 Santa Clara, CA

Nexdy Corp. has demonstrated a new picoprojector device that incorporates the Spectralus Atto green laser.  Nextdy is an emerging projection company based in South Korea.  This new, high-performance picoprojector has an output brightness of 40 lumen, which is twice that of typical LED-based versions presently on the market. 

Spectralus Exhibits at Photonics West 2011

17 December, 2011 Santa Clara, CA

Spectralus will again be exhibiting its products at the SPIE Photonics West Show, January 25 through 27 at the Moscone Convention Center in San Francisco.  We invite you to visit our booth # 5417 where the expanded line of Atto green laser products, including the new higher-power 120 mW Atto and new package version Atto-K.  Please contact us to arrange a meeting time to discuss the requirements of your application.

Spectralus Ships Higher Power Atto Lasers

8 October, 2010Santa Clara, CA

Spectralus has begun shipping engineering samples of a new higher-power version of its Atto green laser, which has double the average power of the initial version.  The average output power has been raised from 60 to 120 mW.  This enables higher lumen output brightness for picoprojectors which incorporate it as the green source.   In addition, a new version of the laser package has been developed which has a significantly shorter length.  The overall laser package length has been reduced from 12.4 to 8.7 mm, allowing it to better fit into confined locations.  Commercial shipments of these new versions are scheduled for June 2011.

5-Aug-2010 Spectralus moves to a new office in Santa Clara

Santa Clara, CA
Aug5, 2010

Spectralus is excited to announce that we have moved to a new office in Santa Clara. We are located in the same building but expanded into more spacious office suites on the 2nd floor. For the updated information, please see our Contact Web Page.

30-Apr-2010 Spectralus awarded three US patents for its laser technology

Santa Clara, CA
Apr30, 2010

Spectralus Corporation announced today that the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) has issued Notices of Allowance for three U.S. patent applications to proceed to grant. These new patents, co-authored by Stepan Essaian and Andrei Shchegrov, cover efficient microchip laser technology based on Spectralus proprietary PPMgOLN nonlinear crystals.

The first patent, entitled Compact solid-state laser with nonlinear frequency conversion using periodically poled materials, is for a solid-state microchip laser architecture based on Spectralus proprietary PPMgOLN material (protected by US patent 7,413,635). This IP is critical for the entire portfolio of Spectralus green lasers, including the newly released Atto green laser.

The second patent, entitled Solid-state laser arrays using nonlinear frequency conversion using periodically poled materials, is for a solid-state microchip laser array architecture, also enabled by Spectralus periodically poled nonlinear crystals. This patent describes laser technology suitable for scaling Spectralus microchip lasers to high power levels.

The third patent, entitled Compact, efficient, and robust ultraviolet solid-state laser sources based on nonlinear frequency conversion using periodically poled materials, describes extending Spectralus efficient laser technology to shorter wavelengths.

Spectralus CEO and President Stepan Essaian commented: This is an exciting milestone for our company. When we wrote these patent applications, we only had a proof of concept for our efficient PPMgOLN microchip laser technology. Since then, we developed industry leading products or advanced prototypes based on these inventions. With the emerging huge pico-projector market and increasing global interest in green laser technology, this IP helps to solidify Spectralus leading position in this market and significantly raises our company value for its partners.

22-Apr-2010 Green laser market projected to reach $500M, Spectralus® Atto laser featured in the report

Santa Clara, CA
Apr22, 2010

In a new market research report, Green Laser for Projection Devices, 2010, Yole Dveloppement estimates that the market for green laser devices will reach about $500M in 2016 (representing more than 45 million green lasers). The explosive market growth is primarily stimulated by the demand for embedded pico-projectors that can be a part of cell phones, media players, and other mobile consumer electronics devices and gadgets. These marketing projections are discussed in an article, published by Semiconductor Today ( The article also covers primary volume applications for green lasers and several green laser approaches including indirect (second-harmonic) and direct ones. The photograph of the Spectralus Atto laser was shown as the first item in the line of competing green laser products.

We are happy to see this report. It further confirms the validity of our business model and is generally in line with our own marketing projections based on customer feedback, said Andrei Shchegrov, Spectralus VP of Product Development. The only area of uncertainty is the date of 2016 we often hear that the demand will reach tens of millions of lasers earlier than that. But there is a consensus in the industry now huge market for miniature green lasers is coming our way, added Dr. Shchegrov.

12-Apr-2010 Spectralus and Satori Electric will exhibit ATTO green lasers at Laser Expo 2010 in Japan

Santa Clara, CA
Apr12, 2010

Satori Electric Co., Ltd. will exhibit Spectralus ATTO green laser at the Laser Expo 2010 in Pacifico Yokohama, Japan (April 21-23). If you are planning to attend, please stop by Booth # 3 located in the laser display zone.

Spectralus' VP of Laser Engineering, Dr. John Khaydarov, will represent Spectralus at the Expo and present an invited talk at the Meeting of the Laser Society of Japan Committee of Laser Display Technology, collocated with Laser Expo 2010. Meeting will take place on April 21st. Dr. Khaydarov said "We are excited to exhibit ATTO green laser in Japan again together with our partners from Satori Electric. We bring ATTO to Japan so most of the leading consumer electronics companies can see and test its great performance firsthand.

Mr. Junji Tanaka, Chief Marketing Officer of Satori E-Technology, said, We are very happy to promote the Atto green laser in Japan. We have been closely interacting with Spectralus over the last three years and are quite excited about the progress we made. Atto is the highest-efficiency green laser on the market and is uniquely suited to serve high-volume markets. We look forward to realizing these big market opportunities with Spectralus.

For more information on Laser Expo, check

1-Mar-2010 Spectralus begins shipping green Atto lasers to commercial customers in Asia, Europe, and U.S.

Santa Clara, CA
Mar1, 2010

Spectralus Corporation, a leader in high-efficiency green laser technology, announced today that it began shipping its Atto green laser alpha units to consumer electronics customers. Spectralus Atto is the highest-efficiency miniature green laser available on the market. We are happy to engage several top-tier customers who are leading laser pico-projection into the consumer markets, said Stepan Essaian, Spectralus CEO and President.

The Atto laser is an ultra compact (0.33cc in volume), highly efficient (~12% wall-plug efficiency) green laser source, specially designed for mobile, high-volume applications. Spectralus first demonstrated its Atto lasers at the Embedded Technology Tradeshow (Nov 2009, Japan) and at Photonics West (Jan 2010, USA). The ongoing alpha shipments are in line with the product release schedules announced by Spectralus earlier.

12-Nov-2009 Photonics West 2010: Spectralus to exhibit and present an invited paper

Santa Clara, CA
Nov12, 2009

Spectralus Corporation will be participating in 2010 Photonics West tradeshow and conference. Please visit us in the Booth 5417 of the North Hall to see the new ATTO green laser! The tradeshow will be held in the Moscone Center of San Francisco. The exhibit dates are January 26-28, 2010.

In the technical LASE Symposium of Photonics West, Dr. John Khaydarov will present an invited paper titled "Highly efficient and compact microchip green laser source for mobile projectors" (paper 7582-1). The paper will be presented in the Session 1 of the conference on Nonlinear Frequency Generation and Conversion: Materials, Devices, and Applications.

For more information on Photonics West, check

12-Nov-2009 ATTO green laser to be exhibited at Embedded Technology Tradeshow in Japan

Santa Clara, CA
Nov12, 2009

Spectralus Corporation and Satori Electric Co., Ltd. will be exhibiting the new Spectralus® ATTO green laser at the Embedded Technology 2009 tradeshow, which will be held at Pacifico Yokohama (Japan), Nov 18-20. If you are planning to attend, please look for the Booth E-14. Spectralus' VP of Laser Engineering John Khaydarov, who will be representing Spectralus at the show together with Satori Electric, said "We are excited about the first exhibit of Atto green laser. We are especially excited to do it in Japan, the home of world's leading consumer electronics companies."

For more information on the tradeshow, check

10-Nov-2009 New ATTO green laser package demonstrated

Santa Clara, CA
Nov10, 2009

Spectralus Corporation, a leader in efficient green laser technology and engineereed nonlinear optical material, announced that is has successfully integrated first units of the new generation "ATTO" green lasers. The ATTO green laser, delivering average power output of 60mW at 532nm wavelength, are built into a low-cost, ultra-miniature package that fits into

6.8mm (width) x 12.4mm (length) x 3.8mm (height)

bounding box, making it the smallest (~0.33cc) and most efficient (12-15% WPE) green laser in its class. The laser is targeting primarily microdisplay (e.g., LCOS or DLP) mobile RGB projection devices and can be set for standard modulation frequencies of 60Hz and 120Hz, with the models allowing modulation of several kHz also available. "We are very proud of achieving this milestone," said Spectralus' VP of Product Development Andrei Shchegrov, who has been running the ATTO project at Spectralus. "The Atto laser represents the convergence of two major company projects directed at 15% wall-plug efficiency target and package minituarization to bring the total volume under 0.4cc. We have successfully accomplished both goals and are now on track to build our customer units as well as qialification units over the next few weeks and start shipping first units in January 2010." Stepan Essaian, company CEO, added,"We believe that our Atto laser is the solution for the missing green color in mobile projectors."

Additional details about Spectralus' ATTO green laser can be found on its product web page.

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